Adrian Pajak

Adrian Pajak – Physiotherapist- IBITA Bobath Basic Course Instructor

Adrian completed his training as a physiotherapist in Kassel in 1998 and already there found great interest in Bobath therapy through his teachers, both in adults and children. In the same year he attended his first Bobath course and was fascinated by the versatility of the concept. For several years he taught this concept at the Dr. Rohrbach School in Kassel.

From 1999 to 2007, Adrian worked in different hospitals where he gained experience with patients in all neurological phases and geriatrics.

In 2007, he and his partners founded the Therapy Center at Goethestern, the first interdisciplinary center in Kassel.

In 2011, a training center for physio-, occupational- and speech therapists was established. Adrian took over the responsibility for organizing the Bobath training courses.

In 2020, the therapy center moved to the „Marienkrankenhaus Kassel“ and was renamed the „Therapiezentrum am Rothenberg“.

In the same year, the training center also moved to Marienkrankenhaus, specialized in the Bobath concept and became the „Training Center for Bobath Therapy Kassel“.

Adrian is the expert supervisor of the therapy and training center. He works as a therapist in his center and as a clinical supervisor in clinics and nursing homes.

He is a member of IBITA (International Bobath Instructors Training Association), VeBid (Association of Bobath Instructors) .